An inspiring brand

Cambridge Legend offers casual outfits inspired by chic sportswear.

It selects quality materials in irreproachable cuts.

Particular attention is paid to the finishes that make the difference, and which bring refinement and elegance to each of the silhouettes.

Seize the moment

It’s summer…We’ve wished for it, waited for it and now it’s here.

So let’s run headlong into this season and seize each moment, feel each experience, determined to make the most of every minute and live as intensely as possible.

Every detail counts: good luminosity, a beautifu profile, an attractive pattern…

That’s why Cambridge Legend puts all know-how into creating elegant garments, where all the materials and colours will be the ultimated cuide for this journey.


Essential and functional, a real return of easy-to-wear products of everyday life.

New range in knitwear and the arrival of essential pieces in the Cambridge Legend men’s universe: 5-pocket pants, jeans, denim shirt and sleeveless down jacket, jackets, leather & suit. Accessories to perfect each of the silhouettes.


thanks to the jackets and coats that sit a silhouette, designed in beautiful wools.

Elegance goes through attention to detail where know-how and materials, of French and Italian origin are highlighted.


Modular silhouettes
where we play the superpositions,
depending on the weather.

by soft and warm materials: cotton / cashmere meshes,
brushed cottons in trousers and shirts, jackets and cotton coats.